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Lojze Slak
LOJZE SLAK – diatonic accordionist, author of most of the Lojze Slak Ensemble songs, and leader of the group. In 1959, he established the brother Slak ensemble. In that quartet, his brother Tone played the trumpet, Matija played the clarinet, Stan played the bass. In 1964, at a performance on Radio Ljubljana, he was aquainted with the singing group Fantje s Praprotna. With the singers from SelškaDolina – tenors Andrej Bergant and JožeŠifrar, baritone JanezHabjan, and basses JanezKalan and JanezDolence, they tried a few songs, and agreed to perform together. That marked the start of the association with one of the best and most influencialvocal ensembles, with whom LojzeSlak performed until his death.

Niko Zlobko
NIKO ZLOBKO - started playing clarinet with the brother Slak ensemble in 1959, replacing brother Matija Slak when he went for his tour of duty with the army. He released his first record with the instrumental trio of Lojze Slak, under the RTB label from Belgrade. An interesting anecdote: the photo on the cover produced in the Belgrade print shop was printed backwards. As a result, Lojze and Niko Zlobko became known as the »left-handers«. Niko played guitar and clarinet with the ensemble, in addition to being the producer of the well known »Slak sound«.

Milan Ferlež
MILAN FERLEŽ - a long-time member of Big Band RTV Slovenia, in addition he worked with many other ensembles. He was leader of the Milan Ferlež Ensemble, played guitar in the Ljublana Jazz Ensemble, and member of the dance orchestra for Radio Ljubljana, (which eventually evolved into Big Band RTV Slovenia). In addition to jazz, he also played popular and folk music. He also wrote lyrics and produced music. From 1991 until 2001, he played guitar for the LojzeSlak Ensemble and helped with the musical arrangements.

Janez Hvale
JANEZ HVALE - guitarist and songwriter. He was with the ensemble from 2007 until 2011. His first appearance as composer and performer was on the CD Dear Friends. He was the founding member of the musical group 12. Nadstropje (12th floor), where he performed as singer, drumer and guitarist. He was also president of the board of SAZAS - the society of Composers, Authors and Publishers for copyright protection in Slovenia.

Ciril Babnik
CIRIL BABNIK - bass singer and performer on double bass. At home in Ljubljana, he played in the taborine orchestra in Bežigrad. Lojze Slak first invited him to play at the performances on the radio with the LojzeSlak Trio, along with NikoZlobko. He stayed in the ensemble until 1965.

Franc Sever
FRANC SEVER - bass singer. He joined the Lojze Slak Ensemble in 1965 and stayed with the group until 1988. At that time, he embarked on a lawyer's career, and opened his own law office in Škofja Loka.

Tone Štritof
TONE ŠTRITOF - a descendent from Kamnik from head to toe, or rather from bass to baritone. He replaced Franc Sever, who left the group to persue a career as a lawyer. That he was an excellent vocal successor to his predecessor is well supported by the assesments of the performances of the Lojze Slak Ensemble. He also participated on the committee for the Cviček national music festival.

Andrej Bergant
ANDREJ BERGANT – first tenor and leader of the singing group Fantlje s Praprotna, and facilitator at the performances, in charge of the sound system, and official translator and speaker for the ensemble when they were on tour.

Jože Šifrar
JOŽE ŠIFRAR – second tenor, member of the singing group Fantje s Praprotna. He performed with the group up until his death in 1974, when he died in an automobile accident. The ensemble dedicated an album to him, entitled »Glas njegov v spomin« (In memory of his voice). On that album are songs where Jože sang – even a few solos. The title song was a collaboration of a new song mixed with some of Jože’s solo singing.

Franci Rebernik
FRANCI REBERNIK – second tenor and often a soloist. He replaced Jože Šifrer in the ensemble when he passed away. He comes from Jesenice in the Gorenjska region.

Janez Dolenc
JANEZ DOLENC – second bass and member of the Fanje s Praprotna singing group from their inception in 1962. The first group practice with the Lojze Slak ensemble was nearhishome at a place named »Dolenjčevih na Praprotnem«. There was a casino at this location, and Janez Dolenc became known as the »Kazinar« (the one that hangs out at the casino).

Janez Habjan
JANEZ HABJAN – first bass, baritone singer from Selškadolina, member of the group Fantje s Praprotna. He was a member of the LojzeSlak Ensemble for 27 years, from 1964 until 1991, when he had to abandon his singing career with the group for health reasons. He died in 2008.

Janez Kalan
JANEZ KALAN – second bass, also a singer with Fantje s Praprotna when they joined with the Lojze Slak Ensemble in 1964. He performed with the group until 1993.

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