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This was the saddest year in the history of the Slak ensemble. In this year, the tenor in the Fantje s Praprotna vocal group, Jože Šifrar, was killed in an automobile accident. In honor of their fellow musician and beloved friend, the ensemble released a new album, entitled "Glas njegov v spomin" (Memories of his voice). Jože was replaced in the ensemble with a well known singer of folk melodies, a man from Jesenice, Franci (Frank) Rebernik.


After a several month absence from public performances, the Lojze Slak ensemble played two sold out concerts in the Tivoli concert hall, commemorating their 10th anniversary, and appearing for the first time with new vocalist Franci Rebernik. For their jubilee, they released their first double album, entitled "Deset veselih let" (Ten Happy Years). They also received Golden Record awards from both the Jugoton and Helidon labels, as well as numerous other awards, recognizing their success and impact on the Slovenian musical scene.
In May and June of that same year, they went on another tour to North America, with stops in both the USA and Canada. In Cleveland, they played in "Front Row", a newly constructed concert amphitheatre, which was completely sold out a month before the concert.



Lojze and his boys concluded their jubilee year celebrations with a series of concerts in their homeland. They released two new singles, "Zadnja noc v letu" (Last night in the year), and "Šoferska" (The driver's), while at the same time making preparations for the second double album. They also made numerous appearances for various charitable organizations. They received special recognition from the Paraplegic Association of Slovenia, for the support and assistance provided to them over the past number of years.


The Lojze Slak ensemble had by this time played over 1000 concerts, shows, and other live appearances, including dances and banquets. The magazine Stop awarded Lojze Slak the title of "Krošno popularnosti" (Crown of popularity) , the studio ZKP awarded them another "Gold Cassette", while the ensemble released another album, entitled "Mavrica" (Rainbow).


At the beginning of the year, a new double album was released, entitled "Popotnik" (Traveler). At the end of that same year, another double album "Postojnska Jama" (Postojnska cave) was released. The Slak ensemble was once again the recipient of the popularity award from Stop, and once again, received special recognition from the publishing house RTV, in Ljubljana.


In their 15th year, the Slak ensemble played to two sold out, jam packed concerts in the Tivoli concert hall, in Ljubljana, where once again, special recognition was bestowed upon them by the recording studios Helidon, with another Golden Record, and the publishers ZKP, with another Golden Cassette. Another album was released "Na vseh straneh sveta" (On all sides of the earth). There was also another special recognition provided by the Slovenian Paraplegic Association.


The Lojze Slak Ensemble went on their third North American tour. In Cleveland, they were special guests at the international folklore festival. The festival was sponsored by the city of Cleveland, and Lojze Slak was awarded the "Key to the City", and declared an honorary citizen.


The ensemble accepted an invite from the gramophone recording studios WM in Innsbruck and recorded two LPs. At the same time, they embarked on a tour of Austria, for their German speaking fans. At the Helidon recording studios, they released another album, entitled "Od sanjave Mure do modrega morja" (From the dreamy Mura to the blue sea).


In April of this year, the Lojze Slak Ensemble was presented with eight golden records from the Helidon studios, for their inspiring sales of their original albums over the past years. This was topped off with yet another record entitled "Desetkrat Zlati" (Ten times golden). At the WM studios in Innsbruck, another Slak record was released for their German speaking fans. The minister of trade for Austria and Germany arranged for a special performance of the Lojze Slak Ensemble on the program "Musikantenstadl", led by Karl Moick.


The Slak musicians were featured on many Austrian television programs, and with Karl Moick, embarked on two tours of the northern neighboring country of Austria. Back at home, they made preparations for new releases to coincide with their next jubilee celebrations, with which they would commemorate 20 years of performing.

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