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A new album was released "Pod Lipo ob 20-letnici" (Under the Linden tree for the 20th anniversary). Once again, they played to two sold out concerts at the Tivoli concert hall in Ljubljana, with recognition and awards from everywhere. Among the awards were once again, two gold records. By this time, the Slak musicians had garnered 12 Golden records from the Helidon studios, and two from Jugoton, making a total of 14 golds. In celebrating their achievements, they taped a television special entitled "20 let ansambla Slak" (20 years of the Slak Ensemble).


This year marked their fourth tour of North America, but prior to their departure for the tour, they released two more albums; "Iz bogate glazbene skrinje Lojzeta Slaka" (From the rich musical cupboards of Lojze Slak) and "Mama prihajam domov" (Mom, I'm coming home). On their five week tour, they played 30 venues, while at the same time they made radio and talk show appearances almost daily.



In early April, the Helidon recording studios prepared a banquet in the Tabor hall, in Maribor, to commemorate both their 13th gold record with the label, and to present the ensemble with the first Platinum Record ever awarded to a Slovenian group, for sales of over a million copies. At the end of November, Lojze Slak was a special guest on the Cleveland radio program Tony's Polka Village, which from the very beginning, played Slovenian music exclusively, both original Slovenian, as well as the American variety.


After a one year hiatus, the Slak ensemble released another album, "To smo mi, prijatelji" (This is us, all friends), much to the excitement of their many fans. They went on a promotional tour of Slovenia, and in the process attracted many new fans to their brand of music.
In May of that year, the ensemble participated in the first "Alpski Večer" (Alpine Evening), held at Bled, where they once again thrilled their many fans.


Because of work commitments at his legal office, Franc Sever, (double bass player) retired from touring with the ensemble. He was replaced by Tone Štritof from Kamnik.
RTV Ljubljana released a 60 minute video featuring the Slak ensemble performing some of their music.


This was the 25th year of the Slak ensemble, and in celebration, the ensemble released another album, "Raj pod Triglavom" (Paradise under Triglav), as well as another video "25 Let Ansambla Lojzeta Slaka" (25 years of the Lojze Slak Ensemble).
Ljublana TV aired a program featuring the Slak ensemble, which was filmed in one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia - in Triglav National Park, and featured scenes filmed in Trente, Dolenskih Gricev, and Kostanjevice.


The Lojze Slak Ensemble went on its most memorable tour across the pond, with a one hour performance in Nashville, the Mecca of country music, a place where many can only dream about performing. They were guests at Disneyworld in Florida for a week, and also played for a week aboard a Caribbean cruise ship, entertaining the many tourists with their special brand of music, as they cruised between Miami and the Carribean Islands. In the five weeks they were on tour, they played more than 30 shows, hosted meetings with special friends and guests, and had appearances on radio and TV programs. There was also a film crew from Ljubljana TV following them around, filming and documenting the tour for a couple of episodes of their series Videomeh.


At the beginning of the year, the ensemble said good-bye to long time band member, guitarist, clarinetist, and the Slak sound man for the first 25 years of the band, Niko Zlobko. To replace him, Lojze recruited Milan Ferlež, a well known and accomplished jazz guitarist, with many years playing as a studio musician. Janez Habjan, the third voice in the vocal quintet Fantje s Praprotna, retired from the group for health reasons.
Lojze Slak went into the studio in May to cut a solo album of 12 well known arrangements, entitled "Stari Spomini" (Old Memories), while at the same time releasing an album with the rest of the ensemble, entitled "Zvezda, ki se utrne" (A Falling Star).
The year was a restless one, where politically, Slovenia declared it's independence. That year, for their New Years Videomeh show, the Slak ensemble performed a new song which would become one of their greatest hits in recent times - "Srečno, mlada Slovenija" (Best of luck, young Slovenia).


In the spring, the ensemble release another album, named after their new hit song Srecno, mlada Slovenia, while in the fall, the ensemble produced another program featuring live footage of the customs and ways of the people of the Dolenska region, where Lojze has his roots. The show was entitled "Boš videl, kaj dela Dolenc" (Come see, what a Dolenc does), and was broadcast over the entire country of Slovenia.
Before the year was through, they released another album featuring their holiday tunes, entitled "Slovenija naj bo jutri lepša" (Slovenia will be even nicer tomorrow).


The Slak song, "Srečno, mlada Slovenia" was the most requested song played on the Slovenian airwaves, and to commemorate this, RTV Slovenia presented the Slak ensemble the Gold Videocassette. In Novo Mesto, Lojze once again performed the show "Boš videl, kaj dela Dolenc" (Come see, what a Dolenc does), under the title "Kmecka ohcet" (Farm Wedding). This was also the year, when the baritone singer of the Fantje s Praprotna, Janez Kalan, retired from performing because of health reasons.

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