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Just before their Jubilee concert at the Cankar home in Ljubljana on June 4, the ensemble went on a short tour to Germany and Sweden. The main celebration for the 30th anniversary of the ensemble took place at the huge Gallus concert hall, where two concerts were completely sold out. To commemorate their many years of performances and entertainment, they released a double CD / cassette entitled "Diamantnih 30" (30 Diamond Hits), which became an immediate sales hit as well. The Helidon recording studios presented the Slak ensemble with a Diamond record, for sales of over three million albums. He was declared King of the Polka, and was also presented with the Diamond Nightingale award.
Of course, Lojze added another installment to his concert series "Boš videl, kaj dela Dolenc", this time under the name of "Na Martinovo", loosely translated as "In Martin's honor".


Another album was released, entitled Cebelar (The bee keeper), with the title song becoming a great hit. The ensemble was presented with the Diamond Nightingale award again at a ceremony in Domžale.



The Lojze Slak Ensemble released another album, entitled "Ko zaslišim znano melodijo" (When I hear the familiar tune). At the Zlati Petelin (Golden Rooster) festivities, they were rewarded three times for the success of their album Cebelar. In Novo Mesto, they once again held two more of the shows "Boš videl, kaj dela Dolenc", under the themes of "Jožefovo" (Celebrating Joseph) and "Božicni Večer" (Christmas Eve). From the second concert, they produced a video, also entitled "Božicni Večer".


A new album was released, entitled "Venčki Slakovih Uspešnic, on both CD and cassette. In Dolenska, two more shows of the "Boš videl, kaj dela Dolenc" variety were performed, this time entitled "Med Lovci" (Among the hunters) and "Silvestrovo" (New Years Celebration). Again, another video was produced and released under the same theme. At the concert in Dolenska, featured artist Victor Jackovich from the USA made an appearance and even picked up the accordion and played a tune.


The next album to be released was entitled "Najlepša beseda je mama" (Mom is the most beautiful word), with the words for the title song written by the popular Slovenian poet Tone Pavcek. Even the concert series "Boš videl, kaj dela Dolenc" was dedicated to the theme of mom, with the same title "Najlepša beseda je mama". The second concert of the series was entitled "Lickanje" (Husking, as in husking corn). Videos were produced for both concerts, under the titles "Mama" and "Na lickanju". That year, Lojze was bestowed with another honor - he was named Honorary Slovenian of 1998!


The album "Letu 2000" (Year 2000) was released. The now familiar concert series was once again performed, this time under the theme of "Rudolfovo 2000" (Rudolph's 2000). A gala concert was held in the concert hall in Tivoli, commemorating 35 years of performances of the ensemble. A video documenting the event was also released, entitled "35 Let Ansambla Lojzeta Slaka" (35 years of Lojze Slak).


In Celje, there was a show entitled "Najlepša viža stoletja" (Nicest songs of the century), and the silver went to the Slak song "V dolini tihi" (In the quiet valley). The show "Boš videl, kaj dela Dolenc", this time held in Novo Mesto again, was held under the theme of "Med Gasilci" (Among the firemen). The firefighters association of Slovenia presented the Slak ensemble their second special gold recognition award.


Lojze Slak was presented with a lifetime achievement award from the state of Ohio in the USA, and a special recognition for the hit song "Ej Prijatelj" (Hey Buddy), which was a favorite for the people of Ohio. This was also the year that long time guitarist and composer Niko Zlobko returned to the ensemble. Milan Ferlež retired from the group. The ensemble also made appearances on Karl Moick's show Musikantenstadl in Switzerland.
Lojze became a knight in the European Knights of Wine organization, and an honorary member in the town of Mirna Peč.


The Lojze Slak Ensemble released another album, entitled "Spomini stare Ljubljane" (Memories of Old Ljubljana). The concert series "Boš videl, kaj dela Dolenc" was performed with the theme of "Za Abrahama" (For Abraham). A video was also released under the same title. The ensemble went on an all Slovenia tour, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Nedelski dnevnik, (Sunday Diary). There was also a special concert, held in Novo Mesto, to honour Lojze Slak on his 70th birthday. Over 5000 people jammed the Portal stadium, and Nedelski dnevnik presented Lojze with a special recognition and the title "Dolenski Slavcek" (Nightingale of Dolenska). The city of Novo Mesto presented Lojze with another special recognition for his work and influence on the growth of Slovenian folk music.
Another record was released, "Slak, z najlepšimi vižami med violine" (Slak, with his most beautiful songs among violins), which features many of Slaks greatest hits accompanied by a full string orchestra.


The program Slovenski slavček (Slovenian Nightingale) in Domžale, presented Slak with the title "Godec vseh godcev". Godec is a slovenian word for a musical entertainer, and he was in effect declared the Godec of all godcev (of all entertainers).

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