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The book, "En godec nam gode", a commemorative song book containing many of Slak's songs was published and released. Another CD and cassette was released, entitled "Jubilejna" (For the jubilee). The jubilee celebration commemorating the 40th year of Slak was once again held in the Tivoli hall in Ljubljana, and featured the following guests: Trebanjska Godba, Godalni orkester, Cuki, Igor in Zlati Zvoki, Slapovi, Nuša Derenda, and Greg Avsenik. Organizers of the event were: Jure Ivanušic and Mojca Simoncic.


On July 9, 2005, Lojze Slakwas invited to Slovenia's biggest rock festival : Rock Otočec at Novo Mesto, where amongst a variety of different rock bands, he managed to inspire an entire generation of young rock fans with his own brand of music.
In October of 2005, he was on stage at the 15th anniversary celebrations for the ensemble »Big Foot Mama« at Gospodarskem raztavišču in Ljubljana where he surprised everyone with a folk version of the Big Foot Mama hit: NekiSladkega. That version of the song became a Slak hit and a regular part of his future concerts.


The Lojze Slak ensemble released an album of 40 of their most popular songs from their entire career, spanning 1964 to 2006, entitled: »Zlate melodije Ansambla Lojzeta Slaka« (The Golden Melodies of the Lojze Slak Ensemble). In May of 2006, they released a DVD video with a collection of songs from the variety show »Boš videl kaj dela Dolen’c” (Come and see what a Dolenc does). The DVD was titled Medplaninci (Among mountaneers). In addition to the Slak ensemble, the DVD also featured the Ensemble Gregorji, Čuki, Atomik Harmonik, the ensemble Šentjurski muzikanti, and the ensemble Igor in Zlati Zvoki.


A documentary video on DVD, titled “V dolini tihi” (In the quiet valley) featuring Lojze Slak and his ensemble was released. The documentary features memorable moments from some of their tours in the USA, Canada and Australia, and concerts and TV shows spanning the duration of the Lojze Slak Ensemble's existence. The documentary covers Slak's childhood, his studies, the war years, his family, his co-workers, members of his ensemble, his song writers, his managers, and so on. The DVD contains snippets of their tours in North America and Australia, various concerts, and tv shows that featured the ensemble. The DVD also contains 9 music videos: 1.Čebelar 2. Padalec 3. Ej, prijatelj 4. Visoko nad oblaki 5. Zadnja noč v letu 6. V dolini Trente 7. Postojnska jama 8. Polka Village 9.Spet se peljem na Dolenjsko.


In March, 2008, Big Foot Mama and the Lojze Slak Ensemble performed their single »Pomlad« at the Viktorjev concert. The well known newspaper 'Dnevnik' described the event: »we have just witnessed the most unlikely combination of performers in Slovenian music history: giants in Rock and legends of Slovenian Folk together on stage, performing the same piece together: Big Foot Mama and the Lojze Slak Ensemble!«
That same year, the Lojze Slak Ensemble was the featured ensemble at the »asparagus festival« in Orehovlje. They also performed another concert together with Big Foot Mama in Nova Gorica.


In May of 2009, the LojzeSlak Ensemble together with Big Foot mama once again collaborated in a new unforgettable rock-n-roll party at the sold out venue of LjubljanskihKrižank. Here they performed with guests Neisho, Perpetuum Jazzile and SlavišoStojanovičem. The largest applause came when the combined groups of the LojzeSlak Ensemble and Big Foot Mama performed together. This was the climax of the evening, with the sounds of the accordion causing a stir in the crowd. Križanke went wild that evening!
Lojze Slak once again caused a stir among students at a concert in Hmeljada – a concert and beer festival. His performance surprised the organizers. And this time, the legendary “Dolenci” not only performed v DoliniTihi (In the quiet valley), they performed several of their other songs. Together with lots of crowd participation, they performed songs such as Lepzares je samskistan(Nice to be single), Srečno mlada Slovenija (Happy young Slovenia), Čebelar (The Bee Keeper), Visoko nad oblaki (High above the clouds) and Nekaj sladkega (Something sweet)”.


A new CD was released: Dragi Prijatelji (Dear Friends). Lojze Slak and his musicians once again hit the studio »Zlati zvoki« where they recorded a number of brand new compositions. Lojze Slak authored the majority of the songs, but featured on this CD are compositions from the newest member of the ensemble Janez Hvale. And interestingly, two additional tunes were added, collaborations between Lojze's ensemble and Big Foot Mama: »Nekaj sladkega (Something sweet)« and »Pomlad (Spring)«.
On December 12, 2010, the Lojze Slak Ensemble performed at the 20th anniversary of the television program »Novoletni Vidiomeh« which was at that time under the direction of Boris Kopitar.


The last koncert and performance of the Lojze Slak Ensemble took place at the Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana in memory of his friend and guitarist Milan Ferlež. Up until that time, the Lojze Slak Ensemble worked and performed tirelessly with an incredible number of concerts and guest appearences in Slovenia and all over the world.
Slak's tune »Ne prižigaj luči (Don’t turn on the lights)« became legendary. The American-Slovenian Polka Society and the Polka Hall of Fame in Cleveland inducted the translated version »Save the Last Dance« (translated by Cecilia Dolgan) as an All Time Greatest Hit song.
The Polka Hall of Fame – National Cleveland style had earlier also inducted the tunes »Ej prijatelj (Hey Buddy)« and »Glas Harmonike (The Accordion Sound)« as All Time Greatest Melodies. Lojze had also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the hall.

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